About Us

Jack Gaitara’s Love for Wildlife and Conservation

About Kichakani Sunset

Kichakani Sunset is simply translated as “Bush Sunset” or “Wilderness Sunsets” and focuses on just that…. Exposing you to the beautiful African, its Magical sunsets as we set out to discover amazing locations, experience the wildlife and wonderful people of Kenya.

Kichakani Sunset seeks to capture the myriad sounds and sceneries of nature’s grand display of wildlife, sunsets, starry nights, and tumbling grasslands that make up that unforgettable encounter with the bush.

Kichakani Sunset is a Kenyan-owned company with local staff to ensure an authentic and unforgettable experience of the magic that is in Africa. We tactfully design Bespoke adventures and luxury safari experiences for you.

We are always delighted to offer you personalized attention ensuring quality experiences as we aim to create friendships that go beyond service delivery and guest satisfaction.

Our Commitment

Kichakani Sunset is Founded on the principles of ecotourism and works closely with various local charities in Kenya. Our Bespoke tours are tailored to ensure minimum to no impact on the environment,

About Jack

Born and raised in the City of Nairobi, I count myself very lucky and blessed to have been raised in a capital city that boasts of the only Natural National park within a capital city globally  and this is where my love for Nature begun.

I grew with animals around me I had this incline to nature and having tried employment in real estate I never felt as fulfilled as I now do being in the bush. It was after much trial and dissatisfaction in the corporate world that I had to seek that which makes me happy and alive, even if I had to do it for free and the resounding answer was To be out in the Wild with Nature. This is what birthed Kichakani Sunset as I felt the to share this Magic that I had discovered, this joy, this peace that I felt as soon as I was out in the bush.

Bush life is very simple, peaceful, and has taught me a lot even about myself as here one lets the Natural World speak, and if you intently listen you will hear the song that will warm your heart and senses to an awakening only the African bush can give. Out here one never knows what will appear before you as nature doesn’t stop giving.

With our bespoke tours, I now bring together my team of like-minded people to share in my passion to expose our guests to this beautiful Magical place. This way we build friendships with our guests as we work to inspire, enlighten and promote conservation with every visit.

I am always delighted to share with you my Magical Africa!

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